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granite monuments
Granite monuments pricing is determined by color, finish, shape and size.

At Casper Monuments, we offer interest-free payment plans as well as accept all major credit cards for Granite Monuments.

granite monuments
There are over 30 different colors available in quarries from the east to the west and foreign countries as well. The color varies from white marble or light gray granite monuments, to solid black granite monuments with many shades of pinks, brown, greens and red in between. The color of granite monuments greatly affects the price and some colors for granite monuments are more expensive than others are, this is partially due to the high demand of granite monuments and availability of the quarry to produce. Georgia Gray are high yield for granite monuments and a high demand color; thus it is among the less expensive colors. At Casper Monument Company, we pride ourselves in using only top grade granite monutes or marble, assuring smooth lines and finely cut designs.

Rule of Thumb: The darker the granite monuments, the more expensive it becomes.

granite monuments
Granite monuments finishe ranges from polished to a smooth finish to rock rough. On upright granite monuments the finish may include just the front and back being polished or all five sides being polished with rounded or straight corners or some edges being polished and some left rough. There can be up to twenty-seven finishes or contours on a two piece upright monument. If it includes a base, just the top is usually polished but that can vary also.

Rule of Thumb: The more polish, the more expense.

granite monuments
The monument industry recognizes certain shapes such as oval, straight or serpentine tops as being standard. Custom shapes are such as crosses, hearts, diamonds, cored vase holes and etc. Custom shapes are a determining factor in the cost of a monument.

Rule of Thumb: When you add cuts, you add expense.

granite monuments
The size of granite monuments or marble can vary from single, double to larger and from upright to flush in the ground. Some cemeteries regulate the configuration of what is allowed in the entire cemetery or just in some sections. You may have to choose between bronze, granite monuments or even marble. We carry sizes small enough for a family pet or a mausoleum large enough for several family members. If there is a size we don't have in our stock, we can have over 400 pieces of granite shipped to us in a few weeks for granite monuments.

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